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10 Steps to Getting Out Of Your Funk

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Are there times in your life, maybe it's right now where you feel like you're in this funk and you just can't seem to get out of it? You're stuck feeling like you're trying to crawl out of a sandpit? If you've ever felt like this or feeling this way right now, just know, I hear you and I feel you because I've been there and I'm still learning new ways to conquer my funky days.

I've been on this journey of self discovery for quite some time now as I'm passionate about learning anything and everything health and wellness. I've always believed that bettering myself would also help others because if I was happy and thriving then my energy and mood would rub off on the others around me. However, no matter how strong you are, the funk seems to squeeze it's way back in again. The only difference is now I have the tools, resources and knowledge to quickly be aware of the funk, reframe my thoughts, get back on track and not let the funk take over to fester and brew.


( such as blemishes, gut imbalances, hairless, insomnia, dehydration, etc.)

Stress is awful for our bodies causing inflammation that can then cause additional side effects until your in a tornado of problems. Your ultimate goal should be to lower and eliminate stress in your life as much as possible.

Sooo you're asking how do I do this? How do I get out of this funk, stop stressing and live the life of my dreams? I've got you...thru my many years of research I have gathered an array of tools, tricks and wisdom that I would like to share with you today...because everyone deserves to have piece of mind, calmness and the pure joy that life has to offer when you surrender control, let go of the fear and live in the moment.


  1. BE AWARE. Awareness is key, if you are not aware that you are in a funk then you won't know how to get out of it. Being aware has many levels. You can be aware you are in a funk but just not sure why and how to get out of it? That's okay, this is the time to explore, ask the universe/god for guidance and signs, seek and dig deeper to figure out what part of your life is out of balance? And what can you do to get back in balance?

  2. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR THOUGHTS. Remember you are in control of your thoughts even though your ego is always trying to take over. The ego can be very helpful at times but for the most part it just wants to keep you safe and protected because that's what it knows best. Your ego should be more like an assistant, not your boss, you are the boss of your own body. If you have a negative thought, stop and re-focus to what's most important, that it's just a thought, it's not reality.

  3. LET GO OF THINGS YOU CANNOT CONTROL. This is a big one and a very important one. It's your priority to your own body to release the fear and stress of the unknown and restore the hope and faith that everything is going to be okay and that you have support and guidance along the way, in many different forms. Now you're wondering how do you do that?

  4. REFRAMING YOUR THOUGHTS. You can take control of your thoughts by re-framing your thoughts. I learned this from a very wise mentor of mine, Gabby Bernstein and her magical book, Super Attractor. When a negative thought enters your mind, stop and reframe by

  5. SHOW GRATITUDE. The simplest way to re-frame your thought process is by showing gratitude. Bringing yourself back to the present moment and appreciating the parts of your life that are in balance and that are thriving. If you are struggling in your career but your family is happy and healthy then bring your thoughts, gratitude, energy and focus towards the positive parts of your life. When we have a more positive perspective it will bring more positive energy to the other places in our life. This simple tool will set you up for success, I promise you that!

  6. HAVE A SUPPORT SYSTEM. Having a support system can make or break a successful health journey. A support system can be many different forms; you can see a therapist, join a support group online, find that friend or family member that is your go-to person that will provide the nonjudgemental space needed to vent and provide an unbiased advice. Talking it out can be super therapeutic and a great way to release and let go of the stress that you have all bottled up inside. Find "virtual mentors" in your life that you may not necessarily have direct contact with but that you can learn and get inspired from.

  7. WRITE IT OUT. One of the biggest game changers I have learned in my health journey is journaling. I remember journaling when I was younger with my locked diary that mainly consisted of my love or anger for a boy or friend drama. But now my journaling is more of a visualization and release exercise for me. When I can write out my emotions I imagine each letter being released from my worry library...bye! If you want, you can really get literal and burn the paper so that those words are forever vanished from the universe and from you. Even if you only have 5 minutes, writing out your thoughts and feelings, no matter what it is will release the thoughts to make room for what's more important. Oh and if you're not a to-do list kind of person, then I would think again. Making a to-do list and even getting fancier and having a monthly, weekly and daily to-do lists will help you be so efficient that you think you're stretching time. You don't realize how much time you have until you schedule your time wisely and realize how much you can actually get accomplished and how much time you wasted thinking about how long something was going to take instead of just making it a priority to just get it done.

  8. MAKE IT A PRIORITY TO DO SOMETHING THAT BRINGS YOU JOY. There are so many times in life that we don't make it a priority to do the things we love and enjoy because life just gets in the way and were too busy and "just don't have the time". But when you actually schedule in doing something, even if it's just 5 minutes, you realize that you do have the time to dedicate to it...if you really want to. When I started scheduling in 5 mins of reading during my work day, 5 min lunch time meditation, or a 10 min walk in the middle of the day changed my entire day and I craved more of it. When you change your perspective on time you can actually stretch time. When you keep telling yourself that you just don't have the time, then you're not going to have the time. So make the time to do what you love because that's what's most important.

  9. CHANGE YOUR SELF TALK. We treat ourselves so horribly sometimes when we call our bodies fat or our minds stupid, that we are a failure and ugly. When we continue to talk down to ourselves we start to believe these negative thoughts are true....and most of the time the people around us don't even see the flaws that we see in ourselves. This comes back to your ego taking control and being the boss, the more negative talk, the more stagnant you become, which means no room for change which equals your ego is in a happy and content. But in this body you are the boss and you will strive to look for the parts of your body and life that you do love and shine. And if you're in such a funk that you can't see any of the beauty within you, that's okay, I've been there plenty of times. But during those dark times is when the most healing occurs so try to embrace it the best you can and know this is just a phase.

  10. CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY. This sounds easier said than done, I know. But it is really that simple. You can choose to have a bad day or to have a good day, it's all about your perspective. When you spill your coffee on your white shirt, get stuck in traffic when you're already late, whatever it is that starts to stack on top of each other and makes you feel like you're going to blow...stop, take a deep breathe and re-frame. Reframe by asking yourself, why is this happening right now? What am I supposed to learn or gain from this? Maybe these hiccups in your day are signs from the universe telling you to stop and take a quick break. When you're stuck in traffic and you have no control of the situation instead of stressing, take the time to concentrate on your breathing, listen to an inspiring podcast or song, call a friend or family member that you haven't talked to in awhile. Use the experience as a lesson in your day and choose to make the most of it because you deserve to have a good day every day.

I hope these 10 steps to getting you out of your funk and motivated again helps you get realigned and in control of your mental health. Remember our minds are SO POWERFUL and just like Deepak Chopra said 'You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible'. Dream big, live your very best life because you deserve to be happy and live a a vibrant and thriving life!

Let me know if You.Balanced can help in any way. Check out our different programs on the 'Work with Me' page. And follow along on Instagram for daily insights on living a well-balanced lifestyle.

With Love and Gratitude,

Nichole Fabrizio, HHC

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